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Bay Area Gnome Leadership

The Gnome Club has expanded its regional leadership model. We have started chapters across the country. This gnewsletter we'll highlight the Bay area leadership team.

Kalyn Chang and Daryl Coleman are bringing together SF Bay Area Gnomes through local events.

Kalyn graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Computer Science. She is currently working as a software engineer at Oracle. She enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, playing with her dog, and volunteering with Project Read at the San Mateo Public Library.

Daryl (BS Chemical Engineering, 2010) is an engineer at Tesla. In his free time, he plays soccer and organizes outdoor adventures throughout California (including visiting the elusive Caltech Centennial Grove!).

Daryl and Kalyn helped hold a Bay Area Founders' Night dinner this past March, and are excited to continue planning events to bring Bay Area Gnomes together. They are currently planning a Summer BBQ in Golden Gate Park later on June 24!

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