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Looking To The Future

As we look ahead into 2017, the future of the Gnome Club could not be brighter. While there are challenges that we surely must face, there are countless opportunities that can transform the way we engage with all of our members. Our leadership team has spent lots of time brainstorming and thinking of ways we can enhance the global bonds of fellowship and better employ a capability to stay connected which inevitably will benefit not only the Caltech community but future student leaders as well. We have revamped our strategic plan into a handful of critical pillars:

Reconnect: We recognize that we have a global responsibility to provide opportunities to reconnect with fellow Gnomes not only locally, but around the globe. We are working to revamp our methods of communication by updating our website, encouraging more online knowledge and information sharing and providing additional opportunities for people to reconnect and engage. We must ensure the same enduring spirit with which the Gnome club was founded is encouraged in future generations.

Regionalize: The world isn’t getting any smaller and the Gnome club is growing like it never has before. We are looking into regional leadership models to ensure we regularly engage in fellowship throughout the year, not just once a year.

Revitalize: We plan to revitalize our commitment and connection with the other critical Caltech institutions. This includes the Caltech Alumni Association, SURF, the Caltech Y, the Deans’ offices, the athletics department. While each of these organizations does great things individually, we can accomplish even greater things together.

Maintain financial independence: The Gnome club has survived for over 120 years and it will continue to survive based on the important contributions provided by all of our fellow members. Our membership dues and donations go towards a variety of opportunities for future student leaders. It is our job to become more transparent and inform our members all the opportunities we have to support the future leaders of the Caltech community.

It truly is an exciting time to be a part of the Caltech Gnome Club. I appreciate your continued commitment and dedication to our most noble of causes. I look forward to working with each one of you in the years to come.

With commitment, gratitude and respect, Tim Boyd Caltech Gnome Club President

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